Absolutely Blooming

Would you like to know your unique gift to the world?

We’ll get to that in a moment.

First, let’s explore the reason you may feel disconnected from your true self.  Have you come across a transitional point in life? Age, illness, disability, divorce, trauma, loss of a loved one in death, or any other type of loss?

Any one of these can become a trigger for depression, anxiety, or stress, thus altering your subconscious energy.  I extend my supportive knowledge and experience as a Life Coach to get you reconnected, detoxed, and rejuvenated as your true self.

Think of me as your: “Emotional” Life Coach.


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The Unique You

Back to the Original Question: Would you like to know your unique gift to the world?

I want you to think for a moment about something so abundant and wonderful that it’s often taken for granted.  Water.  With so many unique properties that make it vital for life and health, water is essential.  It is also powerful yet peaceful.

You are like water. Discover your unique properties. See your true reflection.

Let me help you to open the faucet of your subconscious energy and teach you to manage connection, love and prosperity, overcoming doubt, fear, worry and that negative energy block preventing you from accepting your true powerful reflection.

Let’s discover your unique gift to the world.


                                      Become Centered

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Mind & Body

I employ high quality essential oils in my therapeutic sessions which have the ability to bypass the blood brain barrier and have an immediate and direct effect on the emotions, feelings and thoughts. I also offer the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and reconnecting to the earth with grounding work.


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Contact Me

Here are the packages that I currently offer:

Single Session Emotional Coaching.

Three day private or group therapy session including virtual session.

One Month immersive private sessions weekly.

Three Month complete mind and body reboot (bootcamp).

Weekend Intensive Workshop Friday – Sunday full immersive deep therapy dive.

If you prefer something more unique, lets chat by email bloomingcoach1@gmail.com.